Music Monday







There are only so many songs we get to actually cover in class.  As a challenge to myself, I’ve decided to post a weekly “Music Monday” section so that you all can be exposed to the wonderful world of Latin music. 

ImageThe first artist I’m going to cover is Buika, the inspiration for “Music Monday”.  I saw Buika in concert at Berklee College of Music right before break.  I’ve been to a good chunk of concerts and I have video footage from everyone except Buika – simply because she takes you on this beautiful journey before you can even remember your phone exists! 

The most remarkable part of the concert wasn’t even the fact that she received a standing ovation 3 different times.  It was the fact that in the sold out venue, I’d say that not even half of the venue spoke Spanish.  My entire walk home was spent thinking about the fact that so many non-Spanish speakers were so moved by her.  Language was never a barrier at her concert as she is able to make you feel whatever emotion she is singing about.  Not to mention, she did that with just her voice, a guitar, a bass guitar and the cajón. 

Here is a live version of the first song I ever heard by her: Buika – No habrá nadie en el mundo.





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