Music Monday – Hala Madrid!

It was a magical weekend for Real Madrid this weekend.  They won the Champions League title over Atlético Madrid giving them their 10th European Cup, or as they like to call it “La Decima.”

The final score is no indication of the intense match it was.  Real keeper Iker Casillas was feeling brave and took an adventure which allowed Atlético their first goal.  Check out Godin’s goal here

Sergio Ramos showed us how it’s done in extra time and scored the header to send the match into overtime. 

Finally, Gareth Bale showed us why Real paid so much money for him.  Marcelo put in the third goal and Cristiano Ronaldo made an easy PK to round the game up to a nice comfortable 4-1 ending.

At the end of the day, this blog is about music.  What a better way to end it than with the Real Madrid players singing “Hala Madrid.”


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