For Parents

Dear Parents & Guardians,
Hello! I am writing to introduce myself as your child’s Spanish Teacher and to tell you about some of the resources available for my class.The class WEBSITE is a great resource for helping your child succeed in my class! It includes:

  • Homework for each upcoming week (posted every Sunday night)
  • Advance notice of all graded assignments.
  • Study guides & practice tests
  • Course expectations
  • Required supplies for my class which include:

I post all of my GRADES in Aspen, on an ongoing basis. Your student can log-in at any time and see their current grade in my class. I will be encouraging them to review this regularly, but you can also check grades at home.

  • I have a standing policy that anytime a student gets an exam or quiz grade lower than 65%, they can re-study, come in, and get a half-point back for every answer they can explain to me and correct. These corrections must be done within two weeks of the test date.
  • Please contact me if your child is stressed or struggling: I am happy to make accommodations, but I am not a mind reader!

I look forward to meeting you in person if you can make it to Back to School Night.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Daniela De Sousa



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